Thursday, 29 April 2010

Double Denim???

Its a bit like Marmite. You either love it an embrace it or hate it. When I first saw it in magazines and on the catwalk I thought there was no way I'd wear it and it should be left to people like Billy Ray Cyrus of Achy Breaky Heart fame.

But alas I tried it and love it, I even put my son in it!

The Good:


The Bad:

And the Oh my god no, no, no!!

Queen Alexa

You will soon notice I have a bit of a thing for Alexa Chung. I just love how she always looks stunning but never fake or too done up (Cheryl Cole???)

I would quite happily take her wardrobe off her hands, and her boyfriend while we are at it!

I hope I look as cool as Alexa at this years festivals




Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lonely Hearts Club Band

"Here are some things you should know about Lonely Hearts. It’s pretty and sexy at the same time. It’s smart. Clothes can have a sense of humour, and these ones do. But that doesn’t mean they’re hard to wear, in fact, quite the opposite.
Whilst subtly referencing all manner of wonderful pop culture inspirations, from Heathers to motocross,the backbone remains – there is a thoughtful, well-honed emphasis on design, fit, fabrication and clever, original prints.
Since their inception in 2003, the New Zealand-based brand has carefully established their reputation as a label to watch – but in keeping with their youthful, insouciant approach, they tend to do things a little differently to most.
Whether that means a quirky installation or an ethereal, haunting video presentation, Lonely Hearts are known for melding art, design and fashion into one seamless, fascinating experience.
Lonely by Lonely Hearts, a lingerie line established in 2009, is a series of under-delights that runs the gamut from whimsical confections of chiffon and lace to straight-up sexy pieces of mesh and velvet – a direct response to the label’s long time fascination with vintage corsetry and underwear.
Informed by pop culture and shaped by sportswear, Lonely Hearts' garments are wearable, directional and feminine without being overly saccharine. In short, these are the sort of clothes that capture that indefinable ground between who you want to be, and who you are."

Some of the pieces are a bit too "grunge" and edgy for me but some pieces in the new look book are much more my style. Pretty little dresses etc.




Have a look and see what you think:

Monday, 26 April 2010

Out and about in Manchester???

If you are tomorrow (27th) check this event out:

I love Odd Bar and they have cake on offer. What more could you want?

1st Summer Day Post

A lovely song for a lovely summer day and my very 1st post

Im very happy to have finally set this up, thinking of a name was so hard but Ive finally got my act together!