Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to get your blogging mojo back?

Hello all!

Its been a while since I've even looked at this blog let alone written any articles on here!

I kind of fell out with blogging. Why?

I started writing for various sites which I loved but found I was being controlled by what I was being allowed to write. This may be controversial but I found that the more popular by blog became and I was being sent to review new restaurants or shops or being sent products to review my writing was checked and sometimes amended before I was allowed to publish. I started this blog because I loved writing but I found my writing and creativeness (if that's a word) was being crushed.

I didn't want to use or wear something that wasn't my style and wasn't me just to get more followers. So I stopped and took a (very long) break.

So, whats been happening since my last post? To be honest I cant even remember when my last post was it was so long ago!

I still love my fashion, particularly vintage fashion. My collection of vintage dresses grows and grows.

My son is now 9!! How did he get that old? Hard to believe I will be a mum to a teenager in no time!

I got engaged! To my wonderful, supportive and understanding boyfriend. No dates set yet but that doesn't stop me looking at wedding dresses does it?

I still live in Sheffield and I still love this city. 💕💕💕

This is me, and what I look like now just in case you forgot.

That's it for me now. But I'll be back and will write more regularly. I already have loads of ideas whirling around. 

See you all soon.