Sunday, 27 February 2011

I like it when a designer has a sense of humour and doesnt take everything too seriously.

I do have a slight soft spot for Mr Holland

Im not usually a massive fan of Dolce and Gabanna, I find some of their stuff slighty footballers wife but this collection was really much more down to earth and some beautiful piece here. Im especailly a big fan of the star print dresses




I heart Bailey

I have loved that some of the shows at LFW were screened live and Burberry was just perfect, cant beat a ouch of Dusty Springfiled.

I especailly love this video with the highlights, along with Adeles most beautiful song.



About time I started showing my little blog some love again. Not posted anything for ages now, Ive moved house and sotred out a new job now its time to get back to what I love most.

Looking at pretty pictures and posting them on here.

Please forgive me blog but I am back to love you again xx