Saturday, 31 December 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Sorry if the quality of this post is a bit rubbish but my poor computer is curently in the PC hospital being fixed so Im doing this off a very old and slow laptop!

Above a a few of my favorite looks from 2011, in no real order.

I clould look at fab outfits like this forever.

Here's to more in 2012


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What to wear on Christmas Day- Part Three with Topshop

I've actually ordered these amazing shoes already. Cant wait till I get them, will post photos as soon as they arrive


Why don't you ask him who's the latest on his throne?

Jumper: Primark, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: New Look, Socks: Urban Outfitters

Trying to do a kind of 70's urban housewife look here with the short flick pleated flares. Love these jeans, makes a nice change from the good old skinny jean

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Through the Keyhole Part Two!

Its not just Agness that opened up here apartment for us all to see Chloe Sevigny been at it as well. That closet is just amazing, Id kill for a massive walk in wardrobe.

I love insights like this

Through the Keyhole Part One

So Agness Deyn has opened the doors to her massive New York loft style apartment and its definitely not what I thought it would be like.

Its like an antique collectors dream. There are parts I like, like the round table and the orange velvet chesterfield but I do think there is just a bit too much going.

But most of all, I just like being nosy!

Have a look at more Photos on The Gloss

Friday, 16 December 2011

Snug as a bug

Dress & Cardigan: Cow Vintage, Coat: ASOS, Bag: Zara, Scarf: Charity Shop

I got this cardigan the other day (I love a good cardigan) and it is the most comfortable thing Iv ever worn and a bargain at just £18.

I'm definitely getting in Vintage clothing more again, I just find with living in a small town like Sheffield if you get something from Topshop you are guaranteed to have that nightmare of having someone else wearing the same on a night out.

Been hectic this week with work and getting the house ready for our early Christmas. We are having a Christmas Day tomorrow with my parents as I wont get to see them over Christmas. I'm so excited to get that Bucks Fizz opened in the morning


Monday, 12 December 2011

What to wear for Christmas Day - Part 2 with Urban Outfitters

Pins and Needles Reindeer Sweatshirt £35, Deena and Ozzy Leopard Shoes £38, Needles Spotted Dobby Dress £68, Cooperative Chiffon Beaded Shirt £45, Pins and Needles Wide Leg Print Jumpsuit £65

As the flames wash around me, I only think of you

Scarf: Charity Shop, Leather Jacket: Don't know (Ive had it since I was 12!), Dress: Bang Bang Vintage, Shoes: Topshop, Rings: Topshop

I got these boot a while ago now and have never really worn them and I don't really know why. I love leopard print and they are so comfy. I really need to start wearing them more. I love them!

This leather jacket is one of my favs, I got it for my 12th birthday, me and my sister got matching one (think it was after seeing Victoria & David Beckham in their matching biker jackets) REAL Vintage ha!

So happy I found this Evil Eye ring too, after seeing it on the lovely Miss Chung and bringing back memories or always coming home from holiday with something like it Ive been on the lookout ever since and found it in Topshop on Friday (think I may have even done a little happy dance when I saw it)

Hope you've all had a good Monday


Friday, 9 December 2011

What to wear on Christmas Day- Part One with ASOS

I find one of the most excited things about Christmas is the dressing up on Christmas Day part. I always like to have a new dress to wear.
So from now till the run up to Christmas (not long I know!) I'll pick out some of my favorite Christmas Day dresses.

Happiness, hit her like a train on a track

As she becomes Vogues latest cover girl, a look at some of her lovely outfits. I love the way she dresses for herself, she doesn't exactly follow trends and you can tell she wears what she likes and dresses for herself.
I love the romantic feel of the lovely lace dresses she wears one day and then the next boyish suits and brogues.
Id kills for those legs and that voice. Love her!