Monday, 12 December 2011

As the flames wash around me, I only think of you

Scarf: Charity Shop, Leather Jacket: Don't know (Ive had it since I was 12!), Dress: Bang Bang Vintage, Shoes: Topshop, Rings: Topshop

I got these boot a while ago now and have never really worn them and I don't really know why. I love leopard print and they are so comfy. I really need to start wearing them more. I love them!

This leather jacket is one of my favs, I got it for my 12th birthday, me and my sister got matching one (think it was after seeing Victoria & David Beckham in their matching biker jackets) REAL Vintage ha!

So happy I found this Evil Eye ring too, after seeing it on the lovely Miss Chung and bringing back memories or always coming home from holiday with something like it Ive been on the lookout ever since and found it in Topshop on Friday (think I may have even done a little happy dance when I saw it)

Hope you've all had a good Monday


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