Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Seasons Change

Dress & Jacket- Vintage
Shoes- New Look

I woke up this morning to strong winds and rain, summer has definitely said goodbye and Autumn is showing her face.

I must say I am quite excited about getting to wear some of the new trends for this season, I'm liking the Mod and Heritage trends the most. Ive always had a thing for Mods so am looking forward to trying out some of these styles.

Today has mostly consisted of looking at photos of the wonderful Chanel display at Harrods wishing I could get down there to see it, You can actually walk through a bag! Imagine that?

Also wishing that I was in New York now to enjoy all the fashion night out goings on and the build up to fashion week.

I seem to have done lots of wishing and lusting today


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