Sunday, 23 October 2011

One big massive post

Ive not posted for a while as been busy with work and children etc. Had alot on aswell. Last weekend we went to Manchester for the Warehouse Project to see The Kills and The Horrors which was really fun. Also had my friends little girls Christening which was adorable. This weekend Ive been catching up with friends, going bowling!!, went to see the amazing Laura Marling at Sheffield Cathedral last night and today has been a proper chill out day. Stroll around town, coffee, magazines, Breakfast at Tiffany's and popcorn!

Back to work tomorrow! Weekends just seem to fly by don't they?


  1. great outfits love your black leggings and your big sweater in your first look ;)

  2. I like your aaron cardigan, I havn't been bowling since I was a kid, sounds like a laugh x

  3. Thanks very much for the lovely comments xx