Monday, 7 November 2011

Going back to my roots!

Well kind of! Having dyed my hair for so many year I'm not 100% sure what my natural colour actually is.

So after being pinky/blonde for a few weeks I decided it was time for a change and went back to Red. I used Live Colour XL in Hypnotic Red (37). Its a really good texture, not too runny, and goes on well.
As you can see the red is pretty vibrant, I think this is because I put it straight onto blonde but it is really a lovely colour and would highly recommend it. Really good for a home colourant.

p.s. This colour may not even last! Having turned up to work this morning and see a couple of other people deciding to go red over the weekend, I may be doing another hair colour post again very soon!


  1. I'm obsessed with hair colouring but i think i might have to give my hair a rest for a couple of months. I was horrified when some of my hair "melted" away. I love your hair in the vibrant red, i wish i had the same colour hair! So nice x

  2. Thank you. It had faded quite a bit after the 1st couple of washes, Im not sure if thats the colour or because my hair is in quite bad condition. Mine also needs a rest x x

  3. That colour looks great - hope it stays in for you. I always have trouble retaining mine with home dye x