Tuesday, 24 January 2012

All aboard Chanel Airlines

Chanel never fail to disappoint with their shows and today was certainly one of those occasions.

Karl Largerfeld built an Air Chanel jumbo jet to host this morning’s couture show – with its wider than average gangway for the models to walk down, its illuminated numbered seats and transparent roof to reveal faux clouds above. It was quite the incredible production, as only Karl can do – complete with Chanel trolley dollies.

With simple shapes but in ornate fabrics and dropped waists that we have seen a lot of recently its was all so beautiful as Chanel does best.


  1. Definitely i enjoy checking out this blog!


  2. Hi ! I really love your blog! your photos are so beautiful! And your style is very glamourous!
    Follow each other?
    I would be very happy for this!


  3. I just discovered your blog... And I love it, that's a very nice one. :) This show was really beautiful. I love the second silouhette.