Friday, 13 January 2012

Dress: Vintage, Hat: Urban Outfitters

Its been a strange old week. First off my bank call me with news that my account has had fraud activity on it so have frozen everything! Ive had to prove I am who I am and get a new bank card, which I'm still waiting for. I'm seriously stuck without it at the moment! Make me so angry that people do things like this.

Still working on images for the new online store (this dress will be available to buy soon) so that's keeping me very busy and Ive still not touched a drop of alcohol. Well done me!

Well its nearly the weekend, hope you all have a lovely one xx


  1. love it!!!

  2. oh, that sounds like a nightmare! I totally know how it feels - there was a fraud transaction on my account and they actually stole £4,000. I just cried down the phone to Halifax!!!! :( On a brighter note, your dress looks very lovely here - i love the colour, you look fab! x

    1. Oh god, I guess Im really lucky they didn't actually take anything. I would have been in tears too!

      Thank you xxx