Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shoe Saturday

Velvet Cat Face Flats £20.99

Pointed Creepers £24.99

Leopard Print Stud Flats £24.99
I stumbled across Daisy Street Shoes after seeing them in this weeks Grazia magazine. Ive succumbed to the creeper trend and have treated my self to the Pointed Creepers.

The delivery was really quick and I love the shoes, they fit perfectly and you really cant complain about the price. Certainly worth a visit to their site.


  1. I love the studded leopard prints!! I think that creepers look really good on other people, however when I've tried them on I just look like someone trying to correct malformed feet or something!! Oh well. Hope you're well xxx

  2. Ooh looks like a great site, not too pricey either! I love the studded leopard print ones! xxx