Tuesday, 17 April 2012

To dungaree or not to dungaree?

Dungarees: Cow Vintage, Shirt: Vintage, Head Tie: Stolen from the boyfriend!

I was in two mind about these dungarees at first and wasn't sure if they made me look a bit stumpy, Ive not got the longest legs in the world and I wasn't sure if these just made that more obvious. But I have persevered and each time I wear them I love them more and more.


  1. I think the dungarees are really cute and the blouse gives a nice feminine balance :) And your legs don't look at all stumpy for the record!!

  2. These dungarees are so nice on you - I want some but not sure my BF would liek them!
    What does your say about yours? He like them or does he take the mick?
    Do you get a good reaction generally or do they attract stares?
    I'm so envious of these ones. How much were they?!