Sunday, 22 April 2012

Vogue Festival. Part Two. An afternoon with Tom Ford

The afternoon session certainly kicked off in style, with the amazing. Mr Tom Ford

Waiting for Mr Ford!

Showing a montage of some of his amazing works

In talk with Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman
"My real life's not like the fantasy Tom Ford world - with naked girls pouring perfume everywhere. It's more staying in and watching Friends on television."

The room was absolutely buzzing waiting for the Tom Ford talk and a massive cheer went up when he entered the room (the only cheer of the day, most had been polite clapping!)

You cant help but fall in love with him, he was laid back, funny and oh so charming.

He spoke briefly about his private life. His partner, Richard, whom he has been with for 25 years was sat at the front. He spoke about not drinking for 4 years, what he likes to do to relax, and the he spent his 50th birthday with friends white water rafting.

He explained why he is not longer doing catwalk shows but rather refers to do small intimate presentations as people get to see this clothes close up and get to really see the cut, shape and flow of the clothing, he feels that you have to "over dramatise" everything for catwalks, he describe his collection becoming more "couture like"

They also discussed his film, A Single Man. Tom said that he finds designing women's collections allot harder then making films. "womenswear is perishable, films last for years"

I could have honestly listen to him talk all day, he is just wonderful you cant help but fall hook, line and sinker for this wonderful man.

After a quick break and a chance for everyone to calm down, it was Ask The Models time.

A panel discussion with models, Lilly Cole, Jordan Dunn, Eva Herzigovea and Natalia Vodianova

The models are introduced one by one by Alexandra Shulman

"this job is about other people having opinions about you - it's always someone else's point of view".

It was quite an amazing and frank conversation with the models. The explained "don't let this be what you want to do, let it find you and use it as a stepping stone"

They all spoke about what its like getting into modelling at such a young age and how it feels being scrutinised and judged on your looks. Lilly Cole added that still being at school and only modelling part time was a saving grace.
It certainly didn't sound like a glamorous job like you hear about or see on programmes such as Next Top Model (none of the models had seen this programme by the way) and if I ever have a daughter I'm not sure id be happy with her going into that world.

Of course the talk about weight came up
"The big contracts go to the girls who are healthy - they need to have a sparkle in their eyes and you can't fake that if you're unhealthy."
They were all adamant that they don't diet but just eat healthy and keep a healthy lifestyle. Annoyingly none of them work out! Eva had only done a yoga class "twice"

Is it all about the red carpet?

This was the final talk of the day. With Vintage god, William Banks-Blaney, actress Joely Richardson, photographer Richard Young and uber stylist Rachel Zoe.

Alexandra Shulman introduces the panel, including stylist Rachel Zoe

"Picking your favourite look is like picking your favourite child! I get so emotionally attached to each one,"

They spoke about the wonder and the glamour of the red carpet past and present. Richard Young had an amazing story where before the Four Weddings premier he was contact by Versace and was told: 

"Elizabeth Hurley is going to be wearing a very special dress on the red carpet and we'd suggest that you stand to her right and you'll get a much better picture than the left, as Hugh Grant will be standing on the left'" Young explained. "And of course she was wearing that dress held together entirely by safety pins and ended up on every front page all over the world. That was a money shot, if ever there was one."

The panel and the audience were then asked to vote on a number of Oscar looks ranging from Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams. The outstanding winner of course was Gweneth Paltrow in that amazing Tom Ford gown. 

I had such an amazing day at the festival and feel it is such a good idea, I cant imagine anyone but Vogue managing to pull in the bug names that they had. I really hope they do it again next year. I will definitely be there for both days!

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